The John Bunyan Poster

350 Years ago
Meet John Bunyan


Baptist Preacher, Beloved Author, Theologian,
Man after God's own heart


Even after 350 years there is a great public appreciation for John Bunyan.  Perhaps that is due to the tremendous popularity of some of his books.  "The Pilgrim's Progress" is the all time best seller in the history of publishing. Only the Bible has been printed more times.  "The Holy war" is also quite popular.  As are some of his other books like "The life and Death of Mr. Badman"

Strictly speaking he was a non-conformist.  This meant that he refused to conform to the mandates, and restrictions of the Church of England, which was the official state religion.  He was arrested shortly after King Charles II came to power because Charles II mandated a return to strict Anglicanism.  Meeting-houses were quickly boarded up and some were burned or razed.   Every British citizen was required to attend their Anglican parish church and  laws were passed  forbidding anyone to "conduct divine service except in accordance with the ritual of the church, or for one not in Episcopal orders to address a congregation."  Bunyan lost his right to preach his Reformed Baptist faith,  and as a result he was arrested, tried, and whisked off to the Bedford Gaol (jail),  With a few off and on releases for short periods,  he basically remained in prison for the next 12 years. He stedfastly refused to cave in to the demand that he quit preaching, so that he could be released, and his reply to the lawyers and Councillors who were trying to free him was always the same..."If you release me today, I will preach tomorrow"
He had a Bible, and Foxe's book of Christian Martyrs, which was very popular at the time, and from jail he wrote "The pilgrims Progress" and struggled to support his family by making shoe laces while in prison. His inspiring and true story filled many of his books.  Actually "Grace Abounding to the Chiefest of Sinners", one of his more popular books, was autobiographical in nature.

Bunyan's Unique and Curious Map Shewing the Order & Causes of Salvation and Damnation

Engraved by William Marshall
Printed in London, England, 1691

It is Unique

It was the First major Theological Study ever to be presented as a detailed graphical poster.  Presumably this was to facilitate group study and discussion.   This chart shows Bunyan's genius as both a Theologian (Accurately depicting the complex concepts of strict Calvinistic Predestinarianism), and as a communicator of Biblical truths. 

Bunyan was light years ahead of anyone in this concept that difficult Bible Truths can be easily and effectively communicated visually, rather than just verbally.  Today, in an age when our churches have big screens, videos and graphics to adorn our sermons, we take charts and graphics for granted, because they are commonplace tools used in our visually motivated and electronic society.  But in Bunyan's age,  this was a completely novel idea. Bunyan is the inventor of the first Christian Doctrinal Poster!   He took the matter of teaching Theological Truths from just preaching in dimly lit meeting hall pulpits,  to the streets, to the highways and byways, and to anyplace that a Bible Doctrine chart (or Mapp as he called it) could be hung, and studied by people.  

IT is Curious

Several things have made this diagram, chart, map, poster (or whatever you want to call it),
a curiosity of the Christian faith.

First of all, it presents a Theological viewpoint, which we seldom encounter today.  Strict Absolute Predestinarianism. The chart is one of the best examples of this belief that God is absolutely Sovereign in the planning, securing, and dispensing of of all things;  especially in matters of Salvation and Damnation.  Bunyan believed that nothing was left to chance, or man's free-will, but that everything was "Ordained" or "Predestined" before creation ever began.  The left side of the chart shows the predestined steps of Salvation  and the right side shows the steps leading to Damnation. Thus the title of the chart: "The Order and Causes of Salvation and Damnation".

Secondly, It is curious because It is also evangelistic in it's intent.  This seems really strange and weird, and almost appears to contradict predestination.  But actually it is perfectly consistent with Bunyan's Bible based brand of Evangelical Calvinism.  While God predestines everything, and everyone,  He has also predestined us to go and preach the gospel message of salvation by grace. So the ultimate intent of the chart is to get people to become believers, and thus to prove their election, and prove that they were "ordained" to be on the left side, and not on the right side.   Salvation is by Divine election, but it is received by faith, and faith comes by "hearing the word of God" (Romans 10:17). Bunyan was a preacher of that word, and he believed his chart, and his numerous books and tracts, could be used to awaken sinners to their need for the Savior, and to help them to experience the grace, and mercy found only on the left side of the chart, which is all about salvation in Christ Jesus.  Bunyan not only did not see any conflict between predestination and the urgency to evangelize the lost, he actually practiced a quite dynamic and effect ministry of evangelism throughout his entire life and in all his writings.  This combination is greatly needed today.

The New Commemorative Edition of Bunyan's Chart


Now for the first time in hundreds of years a new 21st century edition of Bunyan's famous poster is available for your enjoyment, and for use in Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Church and School Classrooms.  Never befor offered in large scale classroom wall sizes.
         Features Include: 

*All Bunyan's original material retained.

*Bunyan's original layout retained.

*Bunyan's original Scripture proofs retained.

*New,  Easy to Read fonts

*New, First Time Ever, beautiful full color design

*New, First Time Ever,  missing verse references supplied

*New, Biographical and explanatory footnotes

* New, First Time Ever,  5 different sizes to choose from  

Look at the incredible detail that was added to freshen up
Bunyan's original work.   None of the original details were omitted, and all were enhanced with beautiful colors and easy to read typeface.  LOOK!  Here's a closer image.  Please note this is not the actual size. It is 25% of the colossal sized poster! 


        Portfolio 11x14   $14.95
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*New, First Time Ever, printing with 100% UV stabilized archival ink (200 year ink) Available on 7 different media with framing options available.

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